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QUESTION: What can a person do when visiting a family member in the grave can we talk to them or just read the Fatiha on them?

ANSWER: Neither one! You must only make duaa for them and ask Allah for forgiveness for them. Sheikh Assim Al-Hakeem.

QUESTION: Sheikh in our locality, there are many beggars who knock on our doors/cars. Sometimes we are reluctant to give because i believe it will only encourage them to continue such act and not look for a simple living that will give them their own source of income. Can you please enlighten us on how to deal with them?

ANSWER: You should not give to beggars as they are usually professional beggars and by giving money to them is like enabling them. If you have money, give it to your poor and needy relatives and friends & there are the Rohingya in Myanmar, the Syrian refugees in Jordan and turkey and there are dawah tv channels such as Zad tv and Huda tv who would invest your money in continuous charity that would reach you even while you are in your grave. Sheikh Assim Al-Hakeem

QUESTION: Shell we keep moving our index finger while saying the durood in our Salah ?

ANSWER: Yes, this is sunnah.

QUESTION: Is it permissible to drink wife breast milk? If Supposed drank the wife breast milk, will the relationship change from wife?
No problem in suckling his wife’s breast when being intimate but drinking her breast milk is very weird and not normal at all. However if he does drink the milk, the relation between supouses is not affected.

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