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  1. Assalmo Alaikum Warehmatullahi Wabaraktuhu… Hope you are doing well❤️ I am feeling very shame to talk about this but its important to ask. I was in a relationship of 2 years in which we have committed sins.. We planned to get married and took the matter further to the parents. But as the relationship was haraam it couldn’t last longer.. And we ended up . He left and said that ‘ve hurted him and broke his trust . I was watching your video on YT ( in which you’ve said that you need to forgiven from the human first.. I’ve seen him on worst of his may Allah SWT give him sabr (patience) but I m feeling guilty I have asked ALLAH to forgive me do I really need to get forgiven by that person.. May ALLAH SWT shows us right path . Ameen❤️

  2. I want to ask should i break nikkah after knowing that my husband’s religious belief is barelvi.. he do milaad, nazar niyaz, do not perform Salah behind imam e Kaaba as well. But me and my family are not endulge in such biddati things so what should i do now should I break nikkah or not as rukhsati is not done yet

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