YouTube Channel of Raja Zia ul Haq from Youth Club Taken Down


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The YouTube presence of Raja Zia ul Haq, an Islamabad-based YouTuber known for his roles as a life coach and educator, encountered a significant development on Wednesday as his channel was unexpectedly removed.

In a video addressing the situation, Haq expressed his uncertainty regarding the grounds for the channel’s removal. With a substantial following of over 666,000 subscribers, Haq had contributed nearly a thousand videos spanning a range of subjects. These videos primarily delved into matters pertaining to life’s intricacies, societal challenges, political discourse, educational insights, and the convergence of religious themes with various other spiritual topics.

It’s worth noting that Raja Ziaul Haq also holds the title of CEO at Youth Club, an organization aimed at the youth demographic. Despite the setback faced by Haq’s personal YouTube channel, the Youth Club’s YouTube channel, boasting an impressive subscriber count of 1.25 million, remains operational.

Moreover, the YouTube account of Tuaha Ibn Jalil, the Country Manager at Youth Club, continues to function, boasting an equal subscriber count of 1.25 million. An overarching theme of religious exploration is noticeable across all these channels.

The removal of Raja Ziaul Haq’s channel from YouTube prompted an active response within the social media sphere on Wednesday. Numerous individuals utilized this platform to voice their perspectives on the content, viewpoints, and insights that Haq had shared on his channel.

What Led to the Termination of Raja Zia ul Haq’s YouTube Channel?

On various occasions, Raja Zia ul Haq criticised Aurat March and Commissioner Nazimabad for what he thought was promoting LGBTQ values in Pakistan.

In a video, Haq mentions that his team has contacted the global video network to challenge this action.

What did Mehrub Awan say in response to the termination of Raja Zia ul Haq’s channel?

A channel that in the name of religion and preaching was endlessly spreading hatred, misinformation, lies, and directly responsible for attacking people has been completely shut down by YouTube. Good bye Raja Zia ul Haq. Akhir sab ki pakkar ka waqt ata hai

Mehrub Awan

Condemning the Unjust Termination: A Stand for Raja Zia ul Haq’s Voice of Truth

We all, as religious and proud Pakistanis, condemn the termination of Raja Zia ul Haq’s YouTube channel by digital media. Raja Zia is a true voice of the youth, dedicated to conveying the truth and portraying an accurate picture of Muslims. May Allah grant him and his team strong faith and good health. Ameen.

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  1. Raja we love your voice against Mehrub and all that fitnas. Never ever give up on that hurdles. JazkaAllah Khair

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