Is the practice of holding the Quran over the bride’s head based on Islamic teachings?


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Holding the Quran over the bride’s head during the wedding ceremony is not a practice rooted in Islamic teachings. It is considered an innovation or bid’ah in Islam. Bid’ah refers to any religious practice or ritual that was not prescribed or practiced by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) or his companions. Islam emphasizes following the Quran and the authentic teachings of the Prophet without introducing new rituals or practices.

While the intention behind this ritual may be to seek blessings and protection, it is important to note that Islam encourages simplicity and adherence to the established practices of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Prophet himself did not perform or recommend holding the Quran over the bride’s head during weddings (Shaadi).

Holding Quran Over Bride’s Head Is Islamic Or Not

It is crucial for Muslims to base their religious practices on authentic sources such as the Quran and the Hadith (sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad) rather than adopting cultural traditions that have no basis in Islamic teachings. Therefore, holding the Quran over the bride’s head during a wedding is not considered an Islamic practice.

Holding Quran Over Bride’s Head Is Islamic Or Not?

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1 thought on “Is the practice of holding the Quran over the bride’s head based on Islamic teachings?”

  1. What is the point of holding the Quran over her head when neither the parents nor the bride have bothered to read and understand the Quran. Merely holding a book over a daughters head, when such people are ignorant and oblivious of it’s content is redundant and nonsense. It would be better parents read the Iran, understand it wig translations and also make their daughters rest the Quran with translation and understand the rights of women as daughters and wives and stop taking away those rights due to cultural innovations such as not allowing the bride tk choose when or who to marry, not allowing her to read or add to her marriage contract (nikahnama), not allowing her to decide her Mehr, not allowing her to take divorce when stuck in an unhappy, abusive and unhealthy marriage because “what will people day”.parents in the subcontinent deprive their daughters of their islamic rights every day and rhen cry over “naseeb”of girls, because such families follow culture, not islam. The books shadow can not protect daughters from.such jahaliyah and stupidity of elders/parents. But reading and understanding the book can. Education leads to knowledge. Stupid, ignorant and illiterate decisions is not the same as naseeb. Girls parents need to stop with forced marriages and marriages at any given price when they can’t or won’t secure the safety and rights of their daughters by ensuring good marriage proposals and instead behave desperately as if their daughters ard burdens. The girls side needs to stop behaving as inferior and stop letting the grooms side lead and decide all decisions and negotiations. Stop telling girls to just have eternal and limitless sabr, and to always compromise and be submissive. That’s not Islamic marriage. That’s desi marriage where the girl is assumed to be weak with no rights or bargaining tools and the husband can do whatever he likes but never will he be held accountable and he can always threaten with divorce. Follow islam not culture.

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