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Sheikh Atif Ahmed Biography and Institute.

Sheikh Atif Ahmed is scholar and a motivational speaker who have graduated from the University of Houston, Dallas. He is the founder and chief executive of Al Midrar Institute. Al Midrar institute is academic research and training institute in which Sheikh Atif Ahmed coaches students in various subjects which includes Principles of Management Sciences, Human Behavioral Psychology, Entrepreneurship, coaching, affairs of War, Islamic principles and various different subjects. Sheikh Atif Ahmed also studied Aalim Course from Mahad ul Quran which is situated in front of Karachi University where he was taught under the generous guidance of Grand Shaykh Mufti Khaleel ur Rahman Lakhvi. Sheikh Atif Ahmed also possess a certification in Quranic EXEGESIS From Mohaddis Mufti Shaykh Abdullah Amjad Chatwee and a certification in Saheeh al Bukhari from Shaykh Mehmood Ahmed Hassan.

sheikh atif ahmed
Sheikh Atif Ahmed

Sheikh Atif Ahmed has been solicited by different esteem organization from all around Pakistan and some of these organizations includes Pakistan Military Academy, Army burnhall, LUMS, GIK, NUST,PIEAS, PNS-Johar, GHQ, Cadet college swabi, IBA, NED university, COMSATS, IoBM, SZABIST, MAJU, LYCEUM and many other educational institutes all over the Pakistan to deliver talks on different subjects. He was also welcomed by Pakistan professional forum in Qatar twice. Other accomplishments from Sheikh Atif  includes different training workshops to corporates like Brookes Pharma, Blue World City, Afeef Packages, RBS Developers, Shafique Chemicals, Ocean Shipping and many other companies. .

Sheikh Atif Ahmed considers in revolutionizing the condition of the society by approving the young generation by enhancing their power of meditation, consideration and introspection over the obstacles and hurdles in their life by advising the people and groups, and facilitating people with the avenue to earn capacity, enlightenment and become polished citizens of our society. At present he can be approached through Al Midrar website contact pages which includes landline telephone numbers, website email, WhatsApp number, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube profile pages.

نہ عبارتوں کا شوق تھا

نہ خطابتوں کا ذوق تھا

داستان غم کیا سناتے

جب بدنامیوں کا طوق تھا

نہ وضاحتوں سے چور تھا

بس عداوتوں کا شور تھا

عاجزی کیا خاک اپناتے

جب بغاوتوں کا زور تھا

مقابلوں میں جوش تھا

شرارتوں میں ہوش تھا

مزاج بنانا پڑگیا جب

حقارتوں میں گوش تھا

نہ اس حال میں خوش تھے

نہ اس حال میں خوش ہیں

حال بدلنا چھوڑ دیا

جب صداقتوں کا دوش تھا

بدنام رہے جہالت میں

گمنام رہے ہدایت میں

دست بردار ہو جاتے زندگی سے

بس امامتوں کا بوجھ تھا

اب حماقتوں کا دور ہے

رفاقتیں کچھ اور ہیں

راج کرتا تھا مسلمان عاطف

جب شہادتوں پہ غور تھا

جب شجاعتوں کا دور تھا

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